How to install “(The) Gimp” with MacPorts

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Just a quick note on how-to install (correctly) The Gimp using MacPorts.

Assuming that MacPorts is already installed and works O.K. follow these steps:

    1. Open a shell emulator (Terminal app, iTerm, etc.)
    2. On the CLI copy & paste: sudo port -v install gimp +quartz +animation +python27 -x11
    3. Wait for the compilation…
      ---> Updating database of binaries: 100.0%
      ---> Scanning binaries for linking errors: 100.0%
      ---> No broken files found.

You will end up with The Gimp under the Applications/MacPorts folder and of course you can launch it from the CLI too, the program will look and behave as any other OS X application.

Here’s an screen-shoot (Gimp is 2.8.6 version):

Screen shot 2013-08-26 at 10.55.35 PM

Of course there are other ways to get The Gimp running under OS X… still the MacPorts allows you to maintain it very easily. By the way, there’s also Homebrew (and Fink for what is worth) which is another way to bring your favorite FLOSS into OS X, sadly at the time I wrote this The Gimp was not in the Homebrew tree.

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