Feeling chatty: Quassel IRC

A new champion enters the battle of IRC clients, but in this case Quassel IRC does more than just being a client.

The idea behind this software is to have a mix of screen + irssi (or tmux + weechat for those youngsters :) in one without the need to knew any of them.

Imagine having your own server lost in some datacenter in the middle of nowhere, there you could install Quassel’s Core (Q.Core) and configured as such that it’s connected to all your favorite IRC channels; then from the confort of your $HOME or from another server located in another remote place you could use Quassel’s Client and connect to this instance of Q.Core or others that you know about.

Is not only that ability of “set and forget” that makes Quassel attractive another win for this program is that it keeps track of your last visit to any #channel thus next time you are connected it will show you where you left and all that has happened since (your own private history teller :) this is a great feature, with it if you like you can immerse yourself into the conversation having the context of it.

Trying your way with Quassel does not need to be that complicated, you could install both components on your local machine or better try the monolithic client for instant results.

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