Games that rock: Smash TV (Arcade)

I am willing to bet that if you are reading this chances are high that you have your own set of games that rock/ed your world at some point.

My personal set involves some arcade games such as Double Dragon II, Contra, Tron and some others watching at you TMNT :) but in a very special spot I hold dearly one arcade that like Tron had special controls to play: Smash TV.

Smash TV was one of those games in which I spent a fair amount of cash trying to survive through it, sadly my skills only took me so far to reach and sometimes pass the second boss and since that specific arcade was not close to home but close to my grandma’s I had to wait sometimes up to a month to revisit my challenge.

The game is simple kill or be killed the gameplay no so simple, in order to survive you needed to workout those joysticks moving around and shooting in a non-stop manner.

Here’s a picture of the arcade cabinet:

A closer look to the controls would look like this:

In todays age of PS4s and XBOX ONEs plus Uber loaded PCs the graphics of this arcade are still going strong in nostalgia the fun is still there, the thrill to make those pixels survive as long as possible keeps this game alive.

So finally and thanks to some emulation1 a Logitech Precision game pad and sometimes and 8BITDO NES30 game controller I was able to finish it :) total carnage!

This is the exact moment when M.C. is finished!

Happy gaming to you all!

  1. Unlimited power… I mean unlimited credits. 

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